About CPN

The Cancer Prevention Network (CPN) was founded in 2003 by pioneering physicians from throughout United States and Canada. These physicians saw a need to find novel means of improving quality of life through cancer prevention, particularly for diseases for which treatment still offers a relatively poor prognosis.

In order to bring high-quality cancer research to the communities where patients live and receive most of their medical care, they formed a cancer prevention clinical trials consortium. This consortium allows promising scientific ideas to be tested in many communities throughout CPN. Therefore, there will be numbers of research subjects sufficient to ensure meaningful and powerful research data. CPN seeks healthy adults who are at increased risk for these types of cancer for participation in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

Today, CPN has grown to include more than 100 specialists at community clinics and medical centers in 20 states, two Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, Honduras, and the United Kingdom. Its base of research operations is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. CPN receives much of its scientific and financial support through the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Prevention.

CPN Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy

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